Thursday, January 7, 2010

Working with a Virtual Assistant

Non-profit leaders are often on their own. We're part of a larger organization, but living and working in isolation from an office or administration functions. We've all heard about Virtual Assistants (VAs), basically, freelance administrative assistants that can be hired by the project or hour.

For nearly 18 months, I've had a virtual assistant working with me 10 hours a week. She coordinates participants joining the Core Coaching Skills program from first inquiry through to graduation. She does a dozen other things as well.

What I've learned in working with her is that I've got to be much more organized than I am. There's a world of difference between me working through something myself, and me directing someone else to do it. My biggest problem has been knowing exactly what I want done. My fuzziness of objective makes it difficult for the VA to work. I've learned to be more concrete in what I want done, and more explicit in my instructions

I ran across an article of someone who's learned how to work effectively with a VA. I'd love to hear any of your tips as well. Use the comment link below.


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